Guest Post: So Scandaloussssssss

Scandal has always been a fave, literally from the very first season. Not only is the lead character Kerry Washington, one of my fave actresses but also because the storyline itself is always a thrill. This show is a series about a woman “fixer” who helps political figures with calamitous issues. Not to mention, this fixer is having an affair with the President of the United States, Fitz Gerald. This show alternates from romantic scenes to severe altercations basically hitting every single one of your emotions and being able to fulfill your television needs.Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 2.43.28 AM

One of the most satisfying factors of Scandal in my opinion is the location in which the show takes place, Washington DC. Being that I currently attend Howard University in Washington I feel somewhat connected to the show simply because of the relative area. When I am going from place to place around DC daily, especially around the National Mall and near the White House, it always makes me feel like I am apart of the show. Not to mention, Scandal Twitter is crazy. I can always count on other “Gladiators” to fill me in on the action as the show is happening. Even the official Scandal account itself participated in live tweeting. Scandal by far, is one of my favorite shows and I can’t believe even after six seasons, it is still so interesting to watch.


~ Art Meets World – Danae D.

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