Foul Mouth Favs: Big Mouth

From the animation, this quirky show seems like Netflix’s oh-so original and charming coming of age tale, right? All smiles and sunshine, the occasional hardship, and the pure-hearted rise to success…the subtle lessons intertwined into every episode, the girl who meets boy and offers up a sweet-tooth, G-rated romance…yea, no. Like, absolutely not. At all.


As the show puts it, Big Mouth is in fact a coming of age tale. And here goes the poster to prove it:


And just as the promotion insinuates, this show is a foul-mouthed comedy that takes us on 5 preteen main characters journey through puberty. Sounds funny and awkward enough right? Well, how about the fact that each of them has their own puberty monster.


That’s right – you heard it here first folks…a puberty monster. A companion that every person gets as soon as they start their pubescent journey…they follow you everywhere and tempt you into feeding into every single craving, urge, emotion, rage, etc etc etc. And by the time you finish watching Big Mouth, YOU’LL WANT ONE TOO!

As inappropriate and completely uncomfortable as this show gets – and trust…it gets very uncomfortable – it’s a hilarious take on the classic coming of age tale. If you’re into foul-mouthed cartoons like myself, you’ll be just a big of fan as I am. Now does that mean this show doesn’t take some warming up to? Absolutely not. The first time you hear these teeny bopper cartoons openly talk about periods, sex, or other much much much more sensitive topics, you’ll definitely cringe. But after that, you’ll be laughing so hard at their awkward tales and the puberty monsters’ hilarious lines that you just won’t care anymore. So shout out to the lovers of shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and South Park – we’ve got another classic on our hands.


~In Peace & Power,

Netflix n’ Trill

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