Flops: Stranger Things


Stranger Things…what can I really say? I tried being a fan…I really tried …and of course, I was sorely disappointed. Now don’t be mistaken, this show isn’t necessarily bad. It’s just not this blogger’s cup of tea. Granted, I’ve never truly been a sci-fi person. Star Wars, Star Trek – all of these so-called legendary series? I was never a fan. And for me unfortunately, this particular show didn’t prove much different. After watching the first two episodes, I didn’t get what the appeal was. It was about kids…in a small town…that saw things? And past that, it had the nerve to have a tinge of horror! And if you know me, I’m no fan of scary movies, tv shows, none of it. So while my impression of the show was extremely short-lived…I can say I probably won’t be messing with it now or anytime later. #NEXT.


˜In Peace & Power,

Netflix N’ Trill


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