Flop Turned Fav: Grownish

Who doesn’t love a good college television love triangle? And I can’t hold you, as a college girl myself – watching Zoey Johnson be caught between not two but THREE #fineeee men?? Yea, I’m a fan.




And I can’t hold you – watching the unfolding of this story line amongst a few other more recent ones, Grownish has turned from a flop to fav! I’m sure some of you remember my post: Flops: Grownish Series Review

Like clearly, I was not a fan of this show, and truly honestly just watching because #BlackTVShows matter. But since then, it’s grown on me (no pun intended)! Yes, it’s just as corny, and no the acting hasn’t gotten better. But gosh darnit, there’s just something about Zoey and the rest of those crazy kids that gets me every time. Now is there room for improvement? Absolutely.

But as the show gets better – or worse? Oh my. – guess who’ll be right here cheering them on?


~In Peace & Power,

Netflix N’ Trill

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