ABSOLUTE Favs: Black. Mirror.

Honestly…favs isn’t even the word. Maybe love? Love at first watch? Obsessed? Infatuated? Enthralled? Yea maybe something those lines. Long story short, me and Black Mirror have a love-love relationship. And as crazy and as twisted as this show can get, it is truly one of my absolute favorites of all time.


Actual #MOOD when I start talking about this show. But imagine the rainbow is black. Or maybe not? Too dark? Got it.

So let’s get into what it is…(now this is where it gets complicated). Black Mirror is a series that delves into the cracks and crevices of modern society, building uncomfortable, cringe-worthy realities that typically spur from the possibilities of future technological advances. The show is an anthology series, each episode standing as its own storyline, typically set in an alternative present or near future. Its plot usually takes a rather dark and satirical turn, while *some* (and when I say some, I mean very few) have a lighter, happier tone.


So to put it plain and simple…Black Mirror is a mind f*ck. It’ll have you messed up for a few days and looking over your shoulder every time you do/use something a little *too* technologically savvy. While I won’t get into the specifics of every episodes in this particular post…I’ll just tell you to watch it. Like…period. Watch it. You might regret it the first few times, but trust me. Watch it.

˜In Peace & Power,

Netflix N’ Trill

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