My Favorite Netflix n’ Trill Gear?


Follow this incredible line of clothing on Instagram #STAT. Her clothes are not only comfy, they’re stylish AF. Who said you have to sacrifice comfort for style? NOT I! My Scrub sweatshirt is one of my favoriteeee things to wear  whether I’m in fuzzy socks and Netflix n’ chillin (/trillin) or stiletto booties and going out for dinner.

The designer is Isabel Novarro-Laurent, a 21 year old Howard student, currently studying abroad in Spain (follow her fabulous lifestyle on Instagram @isabellaurent). She hand-stitches her designs onto clothes she personally thrifts. And let me tell you – they are #PAWPPIN. Although her inventory typically sells out within days (yea, that type of poppin), she restocks every season – so get em while they’re hot!



4 thoughts on “My Favorite Netflix n’ Trill Gear?

  1. I will definitely be buying one of these crewnecks ! They seem so cozy, I love the jean pocket in the front it gives it a vintage look .


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