Favs: This is Us, Season 2 Episode 14 *Sheds Tear*

As many of you know, one of the most momentous occasions in TV history happened on last Sunday, February 4th, 2018. Wait…you thought I meant the Philadelphia Eagles winning their first Superbowl title? HA! Absolutely not. In probably one of the most heart wrenching episodes of This is Us yet, we found out how Jack – the beloved and incredible father of Randall, Kate, and Kevin – died. So I won’t spoil it (this time) for those of you who have yet to catch up this season. But let’s just say I’ve never cried quite as much watching an episode of *any* show as I did in that night.

Anthony Crying

There were happy tears, sad tears, more sad tears, more happy tears…and KEEP IN MIND! I’m NOT a crier. At least not when I’m watching TV. Like at all. But my gosh, as corny as the show may seem from the inside, This is Us does an incredible job of making you feel like the characters are real. Like their tears are your tears – their happiness is your happiness, etc etc etc. And as for JACK – UGH, what a man. What a husband. What a father. And over the course of the show, I knew this day would come. But never ever ever did I think it would affect me like this. Long story short, y’all. WATCH. THIS. SHOW. CATCH UP. If you’re in with a box of tissues and few emotional friends, it’s essential for a good time.


˜In Peace & Power,

Netflix n’ Trill


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