A New Fav: Law & Order Special Victims Unit

Okay, so tell me if I’m wrong – you hear the words “Law & Order”…how you feel?

BOREDT. Am I right? Which is the primary reason why I never thought to watch Law & Order: SVU or any other version of the show.

Welllll that all changed this Saturday night after a mini-SVU marathon with a friend of mine/devoted fan of the show.

And my thoughts? I was S H O O K.

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 6.42.27 PM

She started me off with a more recent episode, “Pathological,” season 19 episode 10.


This piece of the series followed a physically disabled girl whose mother believed she had been raped by a mentally disabled boy at their special needs school. When investigating whether or not that been the case, the rape kit revealed no evidence of sexual violence, but it did find a strange mix of medicine in her blood. Now precursor, the entire show painted this narrative of a chronically ill girl who had been sick basically since birth. Her mom was the “hero mother” who had expertly loved and taken care of her despite all odds. Come to find out, the girl wasn’t “chronically ill”… HER MOM HAD BEEN MEDICATING HER ALL HER LIFE TO STAY SICK.

Like damn. Can we say plot twist?

So once they find this out, they let the mom know she has to stay away from her daughter as they take her to trial for her crime. Now as most TV characters do when you tell them to stay away, she of course, didn’t stay away. Instead, ole girl pulls up at the hospital where her daughter is and tries to rip the IVs out of her arms. Like for real? This woman is full of

D R A M A & T H E A T R I C S.

But the drama doesn’t stop there. Fast forward to later that day in the show… THE DAUGHTER PULLS UP TO THE MOM’S HOUSE AND KILLERS WITH A HAMMER SWING TO HEAD.

Now I’ll stop there because the dramatics truly take a peak at this point. Now did I expect to hit with a wild plot twist just about every 14 seconds watching this show? Absolutely not. But was I quite pleased with what I saw? Absolutely. So conclusion to it all: while Law & Order may seem incredibly boring just  based off the title…the key word here is seem. This is a show chalked FULL of drama, plot twists & turns. For lovers of shows like Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and Grey’s (all of which I’ll be covering in later posts), Law & Order: SVU mighttt just be the show for you.


In Peace & Power

~ Netflix ‘N Trill

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